Monday, January 19, 2009

make stuff/do stuff: book binding

the first make stuff/do stuff of 2009 was yesterday. this was also the first time ms/ds was themed. usually the events are just free for alls, but i decided to focus on book binding this week. admittedly the term "event" is a little misleading as it was just liz and i, but we managed to get some impressive book binding done and enjoy some home-brew beer and nachos along the way. considering this is the first book binding either of us had done i was pleasantly surprised with the results. we used the coptic stitch and while my stitches could have been tighter, liz learned from my mistakes and hers turned out really well. geoff's:


liz also added sweet tassels to her tuque

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turquoisepeanut said...

I put mine under a text book overnight and it's nicely flat. now I just have to decide how to decorate it. I can't decide if I should embellish the front and back separately or if I should wrap a piece of fabric around the whole cover. decisions decisions!

PS could that picture be more hideous? the tassels are cool though.