Thursday, February 26, 2009

still making and doing... just not blogging about it

as anticipated i haven't been good about keeping up on the blog, but to be fair i have a laundry list of excuses:

- i've been taking a german class at sfu, so i'm super busy during the week.
- i'm not exactly breaking new ground these days. mostly it's just more of the same.
- some projects are super secret... well, not exactly "super" secret, but secret enough.
- i am lazy.

here are some photos of the latest goings-on:

i made some more map magnets. technically this is a picture of the old ones. they're all places i love. this batch included:
- powderhorn (where i learned to ski)
- ouray (my favorite place in colorado)
- winterpark (my favorite ski resort)
- mt. pleasant (where i live now)
- broadway station (where i get on the skytrain every day)
- amtrak line down to seattle
- yonge subway line in toronto
- kensington market in toronto

the carnage

here are some sample screens i made last week. i'm not really happy with the white ink.

what will eventually be a shoulder bag

Sunday, February 1, 2009

rube goldberg

i haven't been on my youtube account for years. while i was uploading my fancy flashing led videos i looked through the few videos i have up on the site. one of my favorites is a rube goldberg machine i made for a 4th grade science class i was teaching several years ago. the kids made their own machines and we put them all in series (no video of this) to make a giant rube goldberg that watered a plant. it all worked amazingly well. here's my part, complete with nasa stickers to make it look more official:

speaking of rube goldbergs, here is a video my buddy at work sent me the other day. needless to say they spent way more time on theirs.

baby steps

during the super bowl today i decided to break out my new arduino and start familiarizing myself. considering this is my first foray into micro-controllers i wasn't exactly designing my own killer robot. in fact i was making lights blink. see the results below:

then slowed them down and added a fancy paper diffuser:

later there was some messing around with serial inputs/outputs, but they don't really make for great videos... next step: killer robots.