Monday, May 4, 2009

made stuff/did stuff

the fruits of my make stuff/do stuff event. it's not a complete success as i'm not happy with the quality although i've pin pointed my mistake. the issue are all the little spots on the image. my mistake was converting my adobe illustrator file into a .jpg prior to printing. even though i used a relatively high resolution i introduced some small spots that are barely noticeable on the print out, but become a big deal on the gocco screen.

what i accomplished this weekend:
- i coated three screens for printing (not the gocco variety) yesterday and should be making some images later this week.
- i bought some uni-ball pins as i lost my other one. this may not sound exciting but they are way more fun to draw and write with than a normal ball point... trust me.
- i got some white gocco ink at blim, unfortunately they didn't have black, which is what i set out to find.
- i got a little water color set.

what i want to accomplish this week:
- redo my blog layout/graphics. i'm sick of this blogspot theme.
- make my new screens.
- find a good t-shirt supplier.
- kick it old skool... that's right, old skool

etsy sales count: 0
effort put into changing this: 0

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