Saturday, June 27, 2009

sustainable energy in colorado

it's not necessarily related to d.i.y. culture, but this article about sustainable energy companies taking root in colorado caught my eye the other day.

Friday, June 26, 2009

fisheye complete (i.e. the mind blowing results)

so, unfortunately this isn't exactly something you can easily replicate without a machine shop. although the concept of using a security door lens as a camera fisheye is simple and it's just a matter to figuring out a creative way of mounting it. if you have any bright ideas let me know. even though the mounting bracket is super simple it's always cool seeing a design go from the computer screen into the real world. i'm quite happy with the result. expect lots of fisheye pics soon on my flickr site.

the first official picture with the assembled fisheye. they amazing view from my desk at work (only 4 more days!):

thanks to stefano for lending his machining expertise.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

really cool etch a sketch laptop case

this is just genius. awesome betz!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

check out this A+ engineering

this is clearly the pinnacle of my engineering career. once it's done i'll post the mind blowing results.

threadbanger on abc

check out this great interview with rob and corinne from threadbanger.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fisheyes and more gocco

i wouldn't exactly call it a total success, but it turned out slightly better than my last gocco effort. i made some changes to how i printed out my image and i got rid of the little stray dots from earlier screens.

i also have another d.i.y. project in progress. i love my fisheye lomo camera, but i never have it around when i want it and i rarely have enough motivation to deal with film. so, i did some searching and found this instructable on how to turn a wide-angle door viewer into a fisheye lens for a digital camera. i bought one today and messed around with it for a while. i'm really impressed so far. if i set my camera to macro and zoom all the way in (3x) it works surprisingly well. so far i've just been holding it in front of my lens, but i've already sketched up a bracket that i'll make later this week at work... i need to take advantage of working at a machine shop while i still do. 9 more days!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i quit!

so, it's almost official. i told my bosses i am leaving and my last day will be some time around the 1st of july. i am feeling excited, relieved, scared, and a little guilty... i'm not good at quitting. i'm not entirely sure what the next chapter of my life will bring, but it will certainly involve seeing some new corners of the world, visiting friends, reexamining my priorities, and hopefully do some more making. i've been exhausted and missing some of my motivation lately, but look for more posts soon and hopefully some more successes!

in the meantime, here is some of my sketches from the last week:

i guess "liveability" isn't everything: