Friday, July 31, 2009

bon voyage vancouver

today i'm leaving town...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

five second making

while cleaning behind my fridge yesterday i found a molson pilsner bottle cap. given that "the pils" is my canadian beer of choice i decided to make myself a parting souvenir. after five seconds, a little glue, and a spare magnet my work of art was complete. this isn't quite my masterpiece, but since i have lots of scrubbing yet to do the bigger projects will have to wait.

Monday, July 20, 2009

*smarmy car-salesman spiel goes here*

update: nevermind, i gave them away to friends.

i'm not surprised considering i've put zero effort into promoting/networking, but after sitting on etsy for a few months the bags are still there and i need to go (i.e. i'm leaving for colorado next week, then berlin, then somewhere else tbd). so, in the interest of selling the bags as opposed to watching them collect dust in the back of a closet i've priced them at the cost of materials. it would be nice to sell them on etsy, so i can get references, but i'm flexible. i'm pretty sure i have three readers on here (including my mother, so i'm not sure this will help, but if you happen to know anyone who would like a cheap shoulder bag send them to the etsy site. if you help me sell one i'll make you something cool. i promise.

Friday, July 17, 2009

making and baking

so, i haven't gotten around to my ipod cases yet, but i did use some of my new found free time making something today (side note: not working is awesome!). in the interest of emptying my cupboards prior to moving out in a few weeks i decided to put my bag of lentils to good use. i busted out the essential vegetarian cookbook and whipped up a batch of lentil and chickpea burgers with coriander garlic cream sauce. i will now be eating these things every day for the next two weeks as it makes a ton. the good news is that they taste delicious! i doubt the publisher wants me posting the recipe online, so, go buy the book because it's awesome. i highly recommend the tagliatelle with asparagus and herbs on page 114.

Monday, July 6, 2009

ipod cases

apparently felt cases for electronics are the next cool thing. i need to get on the bandwagon. i certainly have enough electronics. now that i don't have a job i've got plenty of time to make something. check out this one and this one on make.