Monday, July 20, 2009

*smarmy car-salesman spiel goes here*

update: nevermind, i gave them away to friends.

i'm not surprised considering i've put zero effort into promoting/networking, but after sitting on etsy for a few months the bags are still there and i need to go (i.e. i'm leaving for colorado next week, then berlin, then somewhere else tbd). so, in the interest of selling the bags as opposed to watching them collect dust in the back of a closet i've priced them at the cost of materials. it would be nice to sell them on etsy, so i can get references, but i'm flexible. i'm pretty sure i have three readers on here (including my mother, so i'm not sure this will help, but if you happen to know anyone who would like a cheap shoulder bag send them to the etsy site. if you help me sell one i'll make you something cool. i promise.

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