Thursday, August 27, 2009

making and gifting

last week i got a goodbye/good-riddance gift from my buddy cameron in vancouver. it was a photo album chronicling our shenanigans over the last few years. further proof that personalized gifts are better. this is easily one of the coolest things i've ever received. a special thanks goes out to his girlfriend and apple computers for their help. here are some selected pages:

*note that i wasn't actually drinking from the pitcher. it was just for the photo. what kind of lush do you take me for!?*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i'm still alive!

the last month has been crazy with the move out of vancouver and the road trip back to colorado. it's about to get crazier with an upcoming trip to europe and the great unknown after that. i have had a little time while i've been in colorado relaxing with friends and family to make and do though. my latest little project were a couple of iphone cases i had promised to some friends in british columbia (although they will not receive them unless i get an address soon... cough cough... hint hint). these were inspired by a couple of cases i found while wasting my life away in the blogosphere.

*note* there is an impending blog hiatus (or at the very least a significant slowdown) as i take off for other continents, but if i have an opportunity to make stuff of do stuff in other places i will try my best to post them. there will probably be a supplemental travel blog (although i use the term "blog" loosely) while i'm away and i will link to it once it's up and running.