Tuesday, December 22, 2009

prototyping and doing

so, i got my hands on some designer 3mm felt. i have some new ideas for ipod/iphone cases, but i wanted to test the stuff out first. so, this morning i threw together this ipod case. the craftsmanship is rather poor, but i learned some lessons. hopefully the next ones will turn out better.

new features:
- the designer felt gives it a lot more impact protection
- the applique is glued on because i'm lazy (also: the applique is regular thickness felt, only the blue felt is the 3mm stuff)
- i lined it with some cotton fabric (from an old pillow case)
- there is a velcro strap. i'll probably do the next one with elastic and a button
(thanks to liz for the feedback on the iphone cases i made for her and her boyfriend cameron)

by the way, in case you were wondering, it's the colorado state flag.


turquoisepeanut said...

These look really great Geoff. The new style of cases look sturdy and very professional. I like the velcro closure - are you finding that the felt gums up the velcro though?

geoff said...

glad you like them liz. the velcro seems to be holding up so far. i made sure the soft side of the velcro was the long piece so the other side doesn't tear up the case. i may try another with elastic, but i didn't have any so i went with the velcro. as you can see, most of my design choices revolve around laziness.