Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ipod touch screen repair. success!... sort of

as i mentioned in the last post, my ipod touch screen is cracked and i had the intention of fixing it. as i also mentioned/quoted in my last post, it is good to have the courage to screw up. well, i succeeded in both regards. i fixed the screen and i screwed up. i'll walk you through both below:

so, here is the busted screen. everything works just fine, it just looks lame. before i embarked on this repair it did occur to me that i could potentially make things worse. the new screen is on the right. i got it and a couple tools for taking it apart off ebay for $13.

first step: get it apart. not so tough.

the ipod is held together by a bunch of tiny philips head screws and some adhesive. it takes some care and patience to carefully pry the battery off. i used my library card, but anything thin and plastic should do. for a step by step video for how to disassemble a 1st generation ipod check out this youtube video.

here's a better view of the cracked glass once i have all the electronics disconnected.

in order to remove the glass from frame you have to heat up the glue. this makes it easier to pop it out. unfortunately, despite the "pro" moniker, the andis EuroPro 1875 was not the most effective blow dryer. it eventually got the job done, but i recommend i higher quality dryer or perhaps a heat gun.

once i got the old piece of glass out i re-heated the glue with the dryer and stuck in the new piece. i'm not sure how much i trust this method, but it seems to be working for now. the best bet is probably to get some of that 3M double sided adhesive.

and then disaster! i was trying to be careful and slow with everything, but i still managed to break the little ribbon cable that attaches the wifi antenna. i tried to come up with a way to fix it, but it's pretty much a lost cause. the only way (i can see) to fix it is to replace all the electronics. if you happen to have a busted 1st generation ipod taking up space in a drawer i'd happily take it off your hands and try to make a frankenstein ipod. i'd gladly buy you a six pack of beer or root beer if you're underage. anyway, it's actually not too bad. the wifi still works, but i have to be within 10 feet of a router. that is silly and renders the internet nearly useless, but i do have a new shiny screen. and while that may not be a fair trade off, i'm glad i made the effort. i certainly won't be afraid to take apart my ipod again in the future, and next time i'll be more careful with the wifi antenna.

check out that beautiful screen!

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James Taylor said...

Great job Jon, hope ths will encourage some people to fix their ipod touch if they have a guts of opening it:)
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