Monday, August 30, 2010


our friend amanda invited us up into the mountains a few weeks ago and made us sandwiches from homemade seitan and served home brewed mead. both were amazing and so we were inspired to make our own seitan. all you really need is wheat gluten flour and about an hour and a half. it was super easy, although i don't think we kneaded long enough and so the texture wasn't quite right, but now i'm extra motivated to try it again. i also want to give kombucha a try soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds really interesting. Kombusha, is actually already available for years in German super markets, haven't drunk it for a while though. Natha

geoff said...

You can find Kombucha in specialty grocers here as well, but it's more fun to make it. A friend of mine makes it and while it looks completely gross it's really good stuff.

Cameron said...

I make a pretty mean kumbaya myself. PM me and I'll send you the recipe.