Monday, October 4, 2010

making and gifing

admittedly my adventures in d.i.y. haven't been very adventurous lately. mostly working on the moped and my computer, which was very close to an epic failure. unfortunately i'm missing some of my favorite making tools, like the sewing machine and screen printing stuff, but once i have a little cash i'm going to take a welding class, which i'm excited about. in the meantime i've been working hard to get my website together. i'm really going to try to make a go at this freelance/contract thing. i'm confident with the engineering and design parts, but i'm not looking forward to the networking/marketing/schmoozing part. anyway, i've been teaching myself some photo rendering and photoshop stuff and made my buddy cameron a show poster. above is my first animated gif. shiny.

if you're in vancouver, check out the show!

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Cameron said...

I'm having a seizure currently