Tuesday, October 5, 2010

state of the moped

i figured i should at least show off the latest look of the moped. the only major difference is that i swapped out the stock handlebars for some bmx bars. it's sort of a compromise between the style of dropped bars and the comfort of stock. i'm not sure i like it, but for now it looks better than the stock bars that really belong on something with a banana seat.

i forgot, that i did swap out the front and rear sprockets. the old ratio was 15x45 and now it's 17x40. that gets me up to a respectable 46 mph and i can still get off the line without holding up traffic. i feel like i should be getting a little more than 9,300 rpms out of the engine, but maybe the altitude is robbing more than i figure? i also threw on a voltage regulator and i haven't blown a bulb in 3 or 4 weeks!

laundry list of what needs to be dealt with:
- brakes suck
- running a really big main jet (96) and i'm not sure why. figure i should be in the lower 80s. i can't find any air leaks, which would be the simple solution.
- buzzing sound at higher rpms. may be a cooling fin rattling against the exhaust manifold.
- wrist pin needs a wider needle bearing, since the one that came with the aftermarket crank is too short for the piston.
- needs a better clutch. i'm gonna wreck the stock two-shoe clutch pretty quick with the super stiffy springs i threw in there.

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