Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Change is once again afoot and this one bodes well for making and doing. I got a job offer from a company in San Francisco that is a great opportunity. I haven't committed yet, as I am also waiting to hear from a company in Boston, but chances are I'll be in SF within the next month. This means I'll be going back to the stable life (i.e. space and supplies and money to make and do). I've already made a wish list of DIY supplies to get once I'm settled. I'm also going to make a quick trip up to Vancouver to grab my screen printing supplies as well as my two mopeds. I'm excited to get my hands on the ZA50 (the engine on the green one):

I've also seen a couple blog articles recently about the accessibility of consumer products. There was a time that products were easy to disassemble and fix and came with diagrams of their inner workings, but in our disposable consumer product society items are discarded or must be taken to a repair shop to be serviced. And while there is nothing wrong with having an expert work on your car, sewing machine, computer, house, etc, there are those of us that want to tinker, repair, and improve the products we buy. It is cool to see designs that incorporate this kind of accessibility in their products like this, while it is disappointing to see companies like Apple sabotage it.

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