Saturday, October 15, 2011

(Almost) Off My Hiatus

It has been a depressingly long time since I've gotten my hands dirty with any DIY or art projects. I would blame the move, new city, and busy job, but honestly I've just lacked motivation. Well, that (sort of) changed today. I had to pick up some new pillows and towels for my parents upcoming visit and I grabbed a city car for a couple hours. It didn't take too long to take care of that errand, so I headed over to Flax and stocked up on supplies. I had left all my screen printing supplies with a friend in Vancouver, so I had to start from scratch. I also got some other supplies for a decoupage project. So, I haven't actually done anything YET, but soon you can expect an update. In fact, I'm going to start coating the screen with emulsion right now (fyi, not a euphemism)...

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